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The Tradesmen LLC

We are your trusted full-service house lifting and shoring contractor in New Hampshire. As a mid-sized company, we pride ourselves on providing a quality product in a timely manner. We will also work with you along the way and keep you informed so you can make the decision that works best for you every step of the way. There is no task too big or too small for our lifting crew. So whether you simply need new floor joists and supporting beam, or an entire 8 foot basement installed for additional square footage, we are here for you. Contact The Tradesmen LLC house lifters today to learn more about our foundation solutions.

Sill Replacement

Foundation sill plates and beams can rot over time and need to be replaced.

Floor Leveling

Replacing or adding sctructural beams and posts allows rigidity to be brought back to your uneven floor.

Foundation Repair

Stone foundations often need reinforcement or partial replacement to extend the original foundation life.

Barn Repairs 

Barns are often neglected and needing repairs to sill beams, foundations, framing, or many other issues that will only get worse with time

Coupola Repair/ Installations 

A staple for New England barns

Also Offering

  • Floor Stabilization
  • Permanant lally column installation 
  • Rot repair
  • Support beam replacement

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